Laptops come without OS installed unless noted otherwise.  We offer a 10 day money back and 30 or 90 day replacement guarantee  on all laptops on this page.  (Batteries are not guaranteed for more than 1 hour use) .  

Our equipment is purchased with the understanding that it is in used condition.  There may be minor blemishes, dents, scratches, fading of color and other cosmetic imperfections. These imperfections will not effect the proper working of the equipment.  Screens do not have scratches nor imperfections unless noted

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Lenovo Thinkpad X131e

11"  Rugged student laptop

Processor: AMD E2-1800 APU


Hard Drive: 256 Gig SATA

Specs at:

CloudReady Home installed


Windows 10 Pro Citizen installed*

Price: $25.00  

10 or more : $20.00

These student laptops have been upgraded with 8 Gig RAM and can come with Windows 10 Pro Citizen License*  

 *licensed for schools and non profits only

Qty available: 10

Touch Screen

Lenovo Thinkpad YOGA 11e

11" Convertible  rugged student laptop 

with Multi touch screen 

Processor: Intel Celeron N2940, 1.83 GHz 


Hard Drive: 256 Gig SATA

Specs at:


Google Flex  $50.00

Windows 10 $75.00

Qty available: 100


Lenovo Thinkpad T520

15" Business Class  

Processor:  i5- 2520M 2.5GHz

 RAM: 4 GB

Hard Drive: 256 Gig SATA

Specs at:

CloudReady Home installed

 Windows 7 COA (not installed)**

Price: $50.00   

Qty available:  4

Lenovo Thinkpad T540p  (i7)

15" Business Class  

Processor:  i7 4810mq  2.5GHz

 RAM: 24 GB

Hard Drive: 500 Gig SATA

Windows 10 installed

Price: $ $225.00   

Qty available:  5  These laptops are no longer available

Lenovo Thinkpad T550  (i7)


15" Business Class  

Processor:  i7 5600U 2.6GHz

 RAM: 8 GB

 Windows 8 COA (not installed)**

Price:  $200.00  With  256 Gig SSD Hard Drive: 

Qty available:  3

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Specs at:

Lenovo Thinkpad T560  (i7)


15" Business Class  

Processor:  i7 6600U 2.6GHz

 RAM: 8 GB

Hard Drive: 500 Gig SATA

 Windows 10  (not installed)**

Price: $250.00    Qty available:  4

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Specs at CNET:        


ThinkPad Ultra Dock 

for Lenovo 

 T540p, T550, T560

Use your laptop like a desktop at school. Bring it home at the end of the day.  These docking stations add 3 more monitor ports and 3 USB ports.  

Price: $50.00,

$25.00 when purchased with  a Lenovo T540p, T550 or T560

More information at Lenovo: