Desktop CPUs come without OS installed unless noted otherwise.  We offer a 10 money back and 30 or 90 day replacement guarantee  on all computers on this page. 

Our equipment is purchased with the understanding that it is in used condition.  There may be minor blemishes, dents, scratches, fading of color and other cosmetic imperfections. These imperfections will not effect the proper working of the equipment. 

New install of High Sierra iOS 

Excellent shape and Ready to go!

Mid 2011

RAM 4   HD 500

Price: $50.00 each

Misc. 21" iMacs

Mid 2008, 2009

New install Misc. iOS 

Excellent shape and Ready to go!

 $5.00 each

Dell Optiplex 9020 Micro desktop    (with wifi)

Processor: 4th gen quad core i5-4590T

RAM: 4 GB  HD: 500GB  2.5" SATA

Graphics: Intel HD 4600

COA Win 8 (not installed)

Price:  $30.00 with power supply

             $20.00  $5.00 without power supply

COA Win 7(not installed)

$1.00 without power supply

Qty Available: 30

Wireless computers.  Use these for digital signage!

Easy to access RAM and HD

7"x 7"x 1.5"

Compare our price to the  internet price at: PC Liquidators

Attach to the back of a monitor

Dell Optiplex 3040 and 3060 SFF

Dell Optiplex 5040

i5-6500 , QuadCore @ 3.2 GHz

Dimensions: Height-12"  Width- 4" Depth- 12"

No DVD, 4 slots for RAM

Licensed for Windows 10

Currently not available.  However we plan to be receiving more this summer

 RAM: 8 DDR3

HD removed brackets included

Price: $10.00 each

Qty available: 30

Win 10 installed on 500 Gig HD:  $20

Win 10 installed on 256 Gig SSD:  $40

Dell Optiplex 3040

i5-6500 , QuadCore,

Dimensions: Height-12"  Width- 4" Depth- 12"

DVD included, 2 slots for RAM

Licensed for Windows 10


HD:500 Gig SATA

Qty available: 20

No OS: $10.00 each

Win 10 installed:  $20 each

Upgraded to Win 11   $30 each (9 available)

Other desktops in small quantities

Dell Optiplex 7020

Small Form Factor 

i5- 4th gen

RAM 4  HD 500

COA 8 (not installed)

Qty: 12

Price: $5.00 each 

$10 for all 12"As Is"

Dell Optiplex 7030

Small Form Factor 

i5- 4570

RAM 4*  HD 500

COA 8 (not installed)

Qty: 5

Price: $5.00 each 

$10 for all 5 "As Is"

Dell Optiplex 790

Small Form Factor 

i5 2nd Gen?

RAM 4*  HD 500

Windows 10 installed

Qty: 12

Price: $5.00 each

 $10 for all 12 "As Is"

HP Elitedesk 800 G1

i7- 4770

RAM 8*  HD 500

COA 10 (not installed)

Qty: 9

Price: $5.00 each

$10 for all 9 "As Is"

One of a Kind Desktop computers

Misc. Leftovers from our large donations

(Email us and we will give you a list of what we have)

Mostly i5s and some i7s

RAM at least 4 Gig,  Hard drives at least 256

Qty: about 30

Price:  $2.00 no OS, 

$5.00 if Windows 10 has been installed

Mix and Match $10 for 6 "AsIs"