We have a limited selection of clean, working monitors 19"-65" from miscellaneous manufacturers.

Prices will vary according to size and available ports: VGA, DVI and HDMI*

19" $5.00 and up                                     20" $10.00 and up                                                     22" $20.00 and up                                                                            24" $30.00 and up

*VGA, USB, DVI, HDMI and power cords available upon request

   Dell 21.5" Displays

 -special pricing for schools, nonprofits  and teachers only-

Wide  screen LCD display  21.5" (measured diagonally)

 Ports:  VGA , USB and DVI or Display Port

 Price: $10 per monitor 

Price on Amazon: Buy new $99-$199 

Qty available: 50

24", 23", 22" Monitors  with HDMI ports

We have  22"-24" displays with HDMI and/or VGA, DVI and display ports. Most are 24"     They have been tested cleaned and are in excellent shape.  Very limited quantities

 24"  HDMI port Price:  $35.00 

23"   HDMI port Price:  $30.00  

22"  HDMI port Price:  $25.00  

Examples of our monitors  can be seen at our teacher and public stores in Portland, Maine

"1 (or 2) of a kind" Large Screen TV/ displays. 

 All displays below have been tested as monitors for connection to laptops and other CPUs.  Some have stands. 

A few have remotes.   These displays were tested as monitors and displays. They were NOT tested as TVs

Hannspree  T28OH

28" without stand, NO REMOTE

Ports:  VGA, HDMI, Component

Specs at:


Qty available: 1

Price: $25.00

Samsung  32U32J59OUQN 

32" LCD Display VGA, HDMI


Qty available: 4

Price $50.00

Samsung lu28e570ds/za

28" LCD Display VGA, HDMI


Qty available: 2

Price $50.00

ViewSonic vx2452mh

32" LCD Display VGA, HDMI


Qty available: 5

Price $50.00

Philips 32HFL5860D/27

32" with stand, NO REMOTE

Ports: VGA, HDMI, 

Component, USB, Data

Specs at:


Qty available: 5

Price: $30.00

Wall mount Hardware

Chief ceiling mount


3 available

Chief ceiling mount

PCM 2000

1 available

Chief AV mount extension

 CMS0 5' to 7'

2 available

Chief AV mount

 extension CMS-0203 2-3

1 available

Chief ceiling mount 


Chief ceiling mount accessory MCS6000

 We offer a 10 money back and 30 day replacement guarantee on all technology on this page. 

Our equipment is purchased with the understanding that it is in used condition.  There may be minor blemishes, dents, scratches, fading of color and other cosmetic imperfections. These imperfections will not effect the proper working of the equipment. 

*VGA, USB, DVI, HDMI and power cords sold separately

For additional information contact Chris at: technology3rs@gmail.com