Items in Small Quantities

Projectors, lamps and screens

Sony Projector Lamp LMP-P260

Lamp specs similar :

Used in Sony projectors VPL-PX35 and VPL-PX40

Price: $10

Qty Available: 7

Sanyo Projector Lamps:

Lamp specs similar to: sanyo-projector-lamp

POA-LMP121 Price: $5.00 Qty available: 4

POA-LMP103 Price: $5.00 Qty available: 5

POA-LMP35 Price: $5.00 Qty available: 4

Free hanging wall or ceiling

New in Box

12-60"x60" $15 each

Projector Screens


Misc. Used projector screens

2- 6', 1-5'

$5.00 each

Used but in very good shape