Delivery Options

Delivery by FedEx

Delivery by a Volunteer

Delivery by warehouse personnel

Not able to come to our center?

Maybe we can deliver to you.

We are now offering shipping through FedEx or delivery by one of our volunteers.

Shipping via FedEx can be done for items of small quantity and under 35 lbs. Payment of the items as well as delivery costs (including insurance) must be made prior to shipping. Shipping cost will be itemized and added to the Bill of Sale.

Delivery to a FedEx receiving center will only be done on days when computer ReLife personnel are at the center. Usually Tuesdays-Thursdays.

Delivery by volunteers. We have a small but dedicated group of volunteers who may be able to deliver small quantities of equipment to your school. Deliveries by a volunteer will be made on an individual basis and will be made by the volunteer's personal vehicle. It is up to the receiving school to reimburse the volunteer for gas, wear and tear on the volunteer's vehicle. Usually $.43 per mile round trip. Reimbursement should be paid by cash or school issued check. We cannot bill delivery costs when volunteers are doing the delivery. Delivery costs will not be itemized on our Bill of Sale.

Delivery by a volunteer can only be on an "as available basis".

Large deliveries. We may be able to deliver large quantities of equipment using a leased delivery vehicle. Large deliveries such as these may be split by multiple schools. It will be up to the receiving schools to pay all delivery costs related to truck rental as well as an hourly rate of $50 for delivery by a warehouse employee(s). Estimates of delivery cost can be provided and will be itemized on the Bill of Sale. Payment for items being purchased as well as delivery costs must be received prior to delivery.

Large deliveries can only be on an "as available basis".

Please note: In the event that an item is damage or is not what is wanted and there is a need for it to be returned, we must be notified within 10 days from when the item was received. We do not charge a restocking fee. However, it is the responsibility of the purchaser to pay all postage and/or delivery costs incurred to return the item to the center.