Business Donations

Quality used technology for schools and non-profits at very low prices.

Don't sell or recycle your electronic equipment. Donate it to our New England Schools!

Because it is good for our schools, good for the environment, good PR and it is the right thing to do!

Your donation to the Computer Re-life Program at Ruth's Reusable Resources is your company's best way to donate your working usable electronic equipment to the schools and nonprofit organizations throughout Maine and New England. You can be assured that your donation will be needed and used by the receiving school.

Most of our technology donations continue a useful second life in the hands of students and teachers for 5 to 10 years!

No donation is too large or too small. Some teachers, nonprofits or classrooms only need one or two laptops or tablets. While some schools make use of large business donations all at once.

The Computer Re-life Program keeps records of all electronic equipment leaving the center. This includes recording serial numbers, descriptions of equipment and listing of the school or non-profit that is receiving the equipment. Before any equipment leaves the center, we require a signature, from the person who has the authority, to be sure of the equipment's proper use and the proper end of life disposal.

Ruth's Reusable Resources does not distribute donated electronic equipment to private enterprise, wholesalers or distributors.

Large donations by companies and businesses, unless other wise agreed upon, are made available only to schools, nonprofits and their employees. Large donations are defined by ongoing donations of 10 or more items of one category (laptops, tablets, displays etc.) in a given year.

Unless requested to be restricted for use by schools and nonprofits, one time or small (less than 10 items) donations of electronic equipment may be sold to the public in the 3Rs Public Store. Revenue from sales through our Public Store is used to help fund the center's many school related activities.

Your Donations of current, working electronic equipment is an easy way to provide schools and non-profits with an inexpensive way to acquire much needed computer equipment. It also provides Ruth's Reusable Resources with needed revenues to help with the operations of the many important services provided to the schools through out Maine and New England.

In order to assure that organizations are receiving quality equipment in working order, the Computer Re-life Program charges the receiving organization a handling fee to cover costs of testing, recording, documenting and distributing.

For more information regarding the donation of computers and related electronic equipment, please contact Chris Slader at our Computer Re-life Program:

We are currently in great need of laptops, tablets and other portable electronic devices