Technology for non-profits

Non Profit Organizations

Our prices beat Techsoup prices by 25% or more!

Technology from our Computer Re-Life division is available, for business use to any nonprofit organization, their employees and in some cases, the clients that some non-profit organizations work with.

Please review the following information regarding our technology for non-profits:

* Organizations do not need to be a member of Ruth's Reusable Resources to procure our electronic equipment.

*Evidence of the organization's non-profit status is required to purchase our electronic donations. This may be in the form of federal or state tax document. or providing address to organization's website

*A minimal handling fee is charged for most current CPUs, laptops, LCD displays, printers, etc. The price is determined by the date of manufacture and the machine's specs.

*Unless noted, most computers do not come with operating systems installed.

*Ruth's Reusable Resources is a Microsoft Licensed Refurbisher and can install Windows 10 OS for a fee. We can also install other operating systems such as Apple iOS and CloudReady (Chromebook) Some restrictions apply.

* Equipment is on a first to order first to get basis. 3R's will hold an order for up to 1 week. If more time is needed for pickup, please let us know. Provided we have available space and the request for late pick up is made ahead of time, we will do everything we can to accommodate your pickup schedule.

*Equipment received may not be resold.

*Equipment received must be recycled in accordance with all federal and state laws.

Please Note: Equipment offered by the Computer Re-Life Program has been donated and previously used. There may be scratches, dents, some fading of color or other blemishes. These signs of wear will not affect the operation of the equipment. Screens will not have permanent scratches unless otherwise noted. Please review our guarantee policy.