How to Purchase

Due to limited display space, equipment listed on this site is kept in our warehouse, unavailable to the public. However examples of our most popular equipment can be available for display. If you wish to see samples of our equipment, please email us at Our Computer Relife staff is available to answer questions Tuesday and Wednesday 9-6pm and Thursdays 9-4.

Schools and nonprofit organizations paying with cash, organization check or PO, may pick up equipment at our warehouse door Tuesday-Thursday 9pm to 5pm. Purchases with credit card must be done through our 4-Public store at 39 Blueberry Road in Portland, Maine. Please visit our home page at: for an up to date schedule.

*Most single items such as laptops, monitors and peripherals may be picked up without "preordering". However, items to be purchased in quantity must be ordered prior to pickup. To place an order or for any questions regarding available technology, please contact our Computer Re-Life Program at:

* Equipment is on a first to order first to get basis. 3R's will hold an order for up to 1 week. If more time is needed for pickup, please let us know. Provided we have available space and the request for late pick up is made ahead of time, we will do everything we can to accommodate your pickup schedule.

*Payment of all equipment must be made at, or prior to, pickup. 3Rs accepts organization checks, purchase orders, credit cards and cash. NO PERSONAL CHECKS.

*Payment with credit card goes through our 4-Public Store, when the store is open. All sales though our 4-Public Store will have a 5.5% tax added to the purchase price. If you are a school or non-profit wishing not to pay sales tax, please provide payment of cash, or organization check or P.O.

* A bill of sale will be provided at time of pickup. Arrangements can be made for an itemized bill of sale to be emailed to you ahead of pickup.

*All individuals and organizations receiving electronic related equipment will be required to sign a promissory note stating that:

  • The equipment is purchased through your organization.

  • It will not be resold

  • It will be recycled at the end of the equipment’s useful life in accordance with Maine laws and regulations.