Your donation will go to a school or nonprofit

(or we will recycle)

Our commitment to your donation of electronic equipment:

We will find a home for your unneeded, working electronic equipment or we will recycle it appropriately**.

The Maine Department of Environmental Protection is aware of our efforts to reuse electronic equipment. For over 27 years our Computer Re-life program has followed the following guide lines provided to us by the Maine DEP:

General information 3R's provides to donating companies*:

  • 3R's accepts computer related equipment that is of current and working condition such that it is usable “as is” by schools and/or non-profit organizations.

  • 3R's accepts current and working LCD displays, LCD projectors, laser printers, scanners and computers: tablets, desktops, laptops and workstations.

  • 3R's accepts current and working peripheral equipment such as keyboards, mice and power supplies.

  • 3R's accepts computer related wire such as USB, networking, display and power cords.

  • 3R's does not accept non-working or dated equipment (acceptable age of equipment will be determined by 3R's staff).

  • 3Rs does not accept CRTs working or otherwise.

  • It is the responsibility of the donating company to determine that all computer related equipment being donated to 3R's is in working and reusable condition.

  • Computer donations from companies, that do not have a working relationship with 3R's, will be tested for usability within 30 days of delivery to the center. Equipment determined to be non-working or otherwise unacceptable may be returned to the donating company.

  • It is the responsibility of the donating company to wipe all hard drives prior to donating.

  • All computers, displays, scanners and printers that have been at 3R's for more than 360 days will be labeled as universal waste and recycled in accordance with current Maine laws and regulations **

  • Quantities and description of all equipment coming into 3R's will be documented in accordance with current Maine laws and regulations.

* as per agreement with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. Fall 2015

**Sometime we will receive an electronic device that is not in working condition. Or, sometimes we will receive items that we cannot find homes for. When this happens, we package these items as universal waste and deliver them to an appropriate electronics recycler. Currently, we are recycling our unusable electronic equipment with Goodwill of NNE. We record and save the date, serial numbers and descriptions of all laptops, CPUs, monitors and printers sent to one of the electronic recyclers mentioned above.

We are greatly concerned about the future of our world. We feel strongly that all electronic donations received through the Computer Relife program are to be properly used and properly disposed of at end of life.