Infomation for Employees

Employees of schools and nonprofit organizations may purchase electronic equipment through Ruth's Reusable Resources.

The following restrictions apply:

  • Equipment offers are intended only for paid school and nonprofit employees*, and unpaid full-time equivalent (FTE) staff* who have material day-to-day managerial, operational, and fiduciary responsibilities.

  • Equipment is intended primarily for school or nonprofit business. This may include use at home.

  • Equipment may not be resold.

  • Equipment must be recycled in accordance with all federal and state laws.

  • Payment of all equipment must be made at, or prior to, pickup. 3Rs accepts organization checks, purchase orders, credit cards and cash. NO PERSONAL CHECKS

Individuals purchasing Computer Related Equipment will be required to sign a promissory note that they will adhere to the restrictions described above.

For additional information on how to purchase our equipment, please visit our page: "How to Purchase"

*Volunteers, members and beneficiaries of schools or nonprofits are NOT eligible for equipment offered through our Computer Re-Life Program.

All electronic donations received through our programs must be properly disposed of at end of life.