$50.00 Laptops

$50 Laptops

Now available to any school or nonprofit and their employees and clients.

We are offering laptops for $50 . These refurbished laptops have been given a second life. They have been fully tested, cleaned and installed with a Chrome operating system. They are ready to connect to the internet for surfing, email, Zoom meetings and many other things. All our $50.00 laptops come with at least the following:

Wireless and LAN connectivity 2 or more USB ports

Camera VGA, DVI or HDMI ports

Power adapter Batteries that hold at least a 1 hour charge

CloudReady OS 10 Day satisfaction return and 30 day replacement guarantee.

Although there may be minor scrapes and wear, all parts of the laptops are in working order. The screens are clear of any scratches or markings. The Chrome operating system - Cloudready from Neverware has been installed.

An example of some of our laptops available for $50:

HP ProBook4440s 14"

Intel i3 -3120M @2.5 GHz

RAM 4 Gig HD: 256Gig

OS: CloudReady (Chromebook)

Price: $50.00

Qty available: 20

Windows 10 can be installed for $25.00*

Lenovo X131e 11"

Celeron EDU processor

8 Gig RAM, HD: 250 Gig

Cloudready (chromebook) or Windows 10 (Citizen License)* installed

Price: $50.00

Qty available: 10

*Windows 10 Citizen licenses may only go to a school or non-profit.

Lenovo YOGA 11e

11" YOGA style with touch screen

Intel Celeron N2940, 1.83 GHz

RAM: 4 GB HD: 256 Gig SATA

OS: Cloud Ready (Chromebook)

Price: $50.00

Qty available: 100

Windows 10 can be installed for $25.00*

Why so cheap?

We often receive business donations of older but still good working laptops in small quantities. Most of these laptops were licensed for Windows 7 or 8 and are capable of having Windows 10 installed on them. However, we have found that these laptops can have a new lease on life when turned into a Chromebook. We are licensed to install Cloudready Chrome OS for free. Since there is no equipment or software costs for us, the $50 purchase price covers our time spent to test, clean and install the operating system on each laptop.

Are they any good?

Yes! These laptops came to us in full working condition. They are solid computers with many years of life left in them. Many businesses are still using similar models for their daily activities. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 10 days for a FULL refund and 30 day replacement guarantee.