Covid 19

-Your donations have helped the schools during the Covid 19 pandemic-

During the months of January, 2020 to December 31, 2020, the Computer Relife program at Ruth's Reusable Resources moved over 2814 computers, laptops and monitors to over 112 schools and non-profit organizations throughout Maine and New Hampshire.

We also received over 1700 CPUs, laptops and monitors from many local companies and organizations that wanted to help our efforts to meet the technology needs of our New England schools during this difficult time.

  • In the early months of the pandemic, many teachers bought our inexpensive laptops for their students to use at home.

  • Many teachers bought large screen displays from us so they could see more of their class at once. Some teachers told us that they were spending 10 hours a day in front of their 14" laptop. The large monitors were much appreciated.

  • Some districts bought over 100 monitors each for their teachers to take home and attach to their school laptops

  • 3 districts purchased over 500 laptops to help them provide a computing device for every student in their schools.

  • Over 150 laptops have gone to New Mainers through the Sudanese Community of Southern Maine as well as Hope Acts, Maine Access Immigrant Network, and Yarmouth Cares.

Testimonials from our teachers during these difficult times

.....just a few of many

Wendy teaches in Southern Maine:

I love my new monitor and it is working just great! I have it attached to my laptop so I have two screens going. It really helps me work because I have several windows open at the same time and I can arrange it so I can see them all at the same time! When I'm on a google hangout, I can still have other windows open and big enough to see--it is helping save my eyes a bunch of strain! I'd be happy to answer questions for you!

  • Thanks again for the monitor!

Leesa a teacher in the Greater Portland area purchased one of the few iPads that we had in the Spring:

I do use the iPad quite a bit. (School) is off this week for Spring Break. I have 3 grandsons - 2, 3 & 4. The youngest has some breathing issues, so they've been home for weeks. The 3 year old has speech therapy via Zoom now... he and the 4 year old take karate via Zoom, plus their meetings with the 2 pre-school teachers. I loaned them the iPad for the week, just to make it a bit easier for them to participate without trying to do it via mom's phone. IF there is any chance of being able to buy another one, I'd be interested. I guess technically it would be for student use, just not my student, lol.

Kelley W who teaches in Oxford County, bought 5 laptops at $35 each to give to her students:

  • The equipment is incredible. Because of this program my entire special education (Life Skills/ Autism Program) have their own chrome books. They knew how to use them before this Covid=19 distance learning started. My students are participating daily, learning and making great progress.

  • I have recently gotten two screens and a desktop to help me better facilitate classroom zoom kahoots.

Jon is one of our state's dedicated technology gurus working in the schools of a town in Piscataquis County:

Hope life finds you and family in good health, especially these days.

Wanted to personally thank you again for all that you have offered us in the past. We are doing well and have hardware for this situation and would not have been possible without YOU!

We have devices for everyone and while we educate staff to work remotely. again, it’s the deals you offered us that allowed us to be in such a good position for such an unplanned event in life.

If there is anything I can ever do to help you, please let me know!


Nelson, like many of our dedicated educators, wears many hats at his vocational school in western Maine:

The laptops have been great! What nice little HPs they are. I've been able to put Windows 10 on them and they're working fine. Bright screens, responsive keyboards. So far they've been a great deal..... I'm both a multimedia instructor and the IT person at my school, so in these days of remote learning, having technology at home for the students has become issue #1.

Ruth's Reusable Resources has distributed quality usable computers and computer related equipment to schools and non-profit organizations for over 25 years. We accept good working computer related equipment from any local company or business. We offer our donations to all schools and non-profits throughout New England.

For more information regarding the donation of computers and related electronic equipment, please contact Chris Slader at our Computer Re-life Program: